What I Pay To Go To Work

Lady Kit and I sold our house (article still to be written) in January 2018 and I relocated Monterey, CA where she has been living for two years.  As part of this transition I took a new job with a $30,000 pay cut. As I mentioned in that article,...

June 2018 Net Worth

June Finances (Income, Expenses, and Net Worth)

I’ve been looking forward to this post since I started last month.  This is my first monthly income/expense/net worth report! As previously mentioned I discovered FI in September 2017.  It took me a while to get started as I was dealing with multiple moves (back to SoCal from Washington...


FERS Series – Part 2 – Where to Invest

We have our TSP setup and money is flowing into our account at some where between 10% (5% from us and 5% of free money from the government) and $18,000 a year.  We’re all set, we can just sit back, work hard at our job, and then retire when...

Agency Matching Contributions

FERS Series – Part 1 – Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Basics

My first career position out of college was (and still is) a federal government job.  When I was hired back in 2009 federal government employees were covered under FERS  (Federal Employee Retirement System) as opposed to CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System).  The FERS retirement is setup as a stool...


Time Management and Routines

Time management I think is something everyone struggles with.  At least I hope they do, because it is a constant battle for me.  Routines I have found help out a lot with time management, but they take a lot of dedication to get started. I originally setup my site...