FIRE Progress

September 4, 2018 – Updated to add networth from August.  I still need to head back and add in July as well.  It has been a busy couple of months as closed on the new house and moved in.  A significant jump in networth and FI percentage is resulted from us purchasing our house for $50,000 less than it was appraised for.

Networth Tracking

I started tracking my income, expenses, assets, and liability in 2017.  I had turned 30 and I realized my employer’s “early retirement” was still 27 years away (57 for minimum retirement age).  I had already been working in my career for 8 years and I was less than 25% done based on conventional reasoning.

In 2017 I signed up at Personal Capital and loaded up all our assets, bank accounts, mortgage, and student loans.  That initial snapshot showed we were doing much better than the average American, but we definitely had room for improvement.


  • August 2018 – $401,244
  • June 2018 – $357,443
  • May 2018 – $352,497

FI Percentage

  • August 2018 – 40%
  • June 2018 – 35%
  • May 2018 – 34%