Monday Morning Musings – 12/31/2018

One of my goals for 2019 is to read more consistently. I include reading other blogs as part of this goal. To further define this goal I’ll apply the SMART principles I discussed a few days ago.

My goal is to read 5 personal finance blog posts a day every day in 2019 (this would be 1825 blog posts for the year). I plan to track this using my OneNote where I can paste a link and then flag the ones I want to share on Mondays with a star. This goal is probably not 100% attainable, but I can do this at least 75% of the time I’ll call it a success.

So without further ado, here some of posts I enjoyed most over the last week:

The $76k Project – “Why I’m addicted to Goal Setting”

There are a lot of big name bloggers where you can see what success looks like, but you don’t always here about times when people reach high but don’t quite make it. $76k takes an honest look at the goals they set in 2018 and highlight not only what went well, but where they struggled as well.

The Money Vikings – “5 Figure Passive Income”

The Money Vikings have their perpetual money machine and they are working on upgrading it. They already have it producing over $10,000 dollars a year. How awesome is it going to be when it is producing 6 figures a year.

Four Pillar Freedom – “2018 Annual Review”

Monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews are some of my favorite posts. I get to see how others are making money, what they are doing to improve their site, and the frugal wins they have had. Zach’s blog has been one of my favorites to read this year and based on his google analytics I wasn’t the only one.

Debt Free Doctor – “7 Health Savings Account Pros and Cons”

I first heard about HSAs from the Madfientist. I was shocked (and a little hurt that no one told me about this sooner). As soon as open season rolled around I changed our plan to an HSA. This year was our first year on an HSA. We spent about the same amount on health care this year as last year, but our insurance provider gave us $1,375 into our HSA.


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